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                                                                                                             HISTORY OF MASJID ASH SHURA




When comes the help of Allah and Victory and thou

Do see the people enter Allah’s Religion in crowds

Celebrate the Praise’s of your Lord and pray for His

Forgiveness: For He is Oft Returning (in Grace and Mercy).

Holy Quran Sura 110


As Salaam Alaikum



Masjid Ash-Shura was founded by Faheed Ali Muwwakkil with the help of Marvin Hasan Rasheed, Huel Mubarak, Salah Abdullah, William Abdur Rahim and Jesse Sabir. In December of 1997 this group of men purchased 11 acres of prime land located at 3095 Jonesboro Road in the city of Atlanta. Faheed Ali Muwwakkil the founder stated his goal to his companions “Insha Allah we will build the first Masjid up from the ground in Georgia by native African American Muslims”.


August 25, 1998 Amir Muwwakkil established the following action plan to complete this historic project, a project never completed before to our knowledge by African American Muslims in Georgia. The Amir named the new Masjid Ash-Shura. His goal using the below action plan was to complete this project within five years.







1.     Incorporate with the state of Georgia.


2.     Write by-laws governing the incorporation


3.     Acquire a Federal tax ID number


4.     Obtain a post office box


5.     Open a bank account


6.     Obtain zoning information


7.     Obtain plans and model of the Masjid to be built


8.     Create a information vehicle for the Masjid


9.   Secure records and documents of all dealings of the Masjid


INCORPORATION:  This will allows you to be recognized by the state and federal government as a nonprofit religious organization.  This will allow you to collect sadaqah.  Those who give contributions can take a tax deduction.  It also will reserve the name of the corporation no other organization can use it. You must file for incorporation as soon as possible.  This requires that you submit articles of incorporation.  The articles set the foundation of the corporation.  Articles of incorporation will define your name, purpose and will establish the authority of the corporation.  It also identifies the initial board of directors. By being a religious organization we are automatically tax exempt from federal and state income tax.  This is cover under Georgia 14-3-202 and 501 (c) (3) of the Federal tax code.

BY-LAWS:  By-laws are needed for the governing of the corporation.  It goes without saying you need them with Quran and Sunnah incorporated in them.  You also need them established before you bring others on board.  Completing bylaws timely is essential because there maybe many who want to join you on this most noble task.

TAX ID NUMBER:  This will allow you to open a bank account. Religious organizations by federal and state law are tax exempt. 

POST OFFICE BOX:  This will help you with collecting donation through the mail.  Also until you complete the Masjid it will be your official address.  It should be establish at a post office near the Masjid propose site.   It will also be used for your bank account and on the Masjid checking account.

ZONING: Zoning issues are a problem you need to stay on top of them.  You need to find out what you need to do in order to get the property rezone for the purpose of building the Masjid.  This is a very important task.  You must stay on top of this issue.  You must be prepared to complete whatever process the city throw at us.

ARCHITECT/MODEL:  Another very important task if done right can hold the key to your success.   You will use the plans and the model of the new Masjid as a fund raising tool.  If you can present to others your vision Insha Allah they will began to see it to.  This will take a little more time and input from others outside of your group.  Once you have the specification you will then hire an architect.  His job will be to draw plans with a cost analysis and build a model of the proposed Masjid.  Insha Allah with this in your hands you will be able to raise the funds needed to build the Masjid.   The cost of this work will probably run any where from $10,000.00 to $25,000.00 dollars.

NEWSLETTER:  This will be one of your most potent weapons as you assault this task.  You will use the newsletter to keep your supporters inform of your progress.  Also you will use it to bring on board members of your group.  If you can bring on board 25 brothers and sisters who will give $10.00 a week we will have $1000.00 a month to operate with.  With no overhead this project can really move.  I know there are many men and women who share your view of the future, a Masjid built from the ground up.  Allahu Akbar! We have the land and with plans and a model our vision will expand to others and Allah will make it a reality.   The newsletter will be published once a month starting out.  It will be informative with Islam as the main focus.  We also will be creating a Dawa flyer.  We will start propagating in the area of the New Masjid.  This will give us Dawah work and blessings from Allah.    Insha Allah we will involve our youth.    Insha Allah I am asking that we all visit other Masajid in the metro area from time to time. We can learn much by visiting our Muslim Brothers and Sisters.  We must also begin to attend the neighborhood meetings in the area of Masjid As-Shura. 

RECORDS KEEPING:  It speaks for itself.  We must keep good records.  We must keep up with all documents pertaining to this work.  I believe if you perform the above tasks and with Allah’s help you will be off to a good start. In the service of Allah your Brother Faheed Ali Muwwakkil.


After this plan was submitted and accepted the Amir planned a site presentation for the Muslim community at large. The site presentation plan dinner was held in January 1999 at the home of now Vice Amir Marvin Rasheed in Douglasville, Georgia. It was at this presentation that the Amir made the announcement that Masjid Ash-Shura is on line and would hold our first Jum’uah prayer service at the Vice Amir home.


The next thing the Amir did was find us a temporary Masjid site. He found a site at 148 Valley Hill Road, Riverdale, Georgia. We moved in May of 1999 and stayed until April 2001. In September of 1999 Sheriff Abdur Rahim NBA Star with the Vancouver Grizzlies donated $ 100,000.00 dollars towards our efforts of building Allah’s House. Allahu Akbar!! (Special note total cost of building the Masjid was over $550,000.00)


While doing all of the above we lost some board members but continue towards our goal. The Amir kept us in a dawah mode. This mode was to shape our real purpose the spreading of Al-Islam to non Muslims. While performing dawah the Amir was able to acquire in 2000, two television programs at Atlanta Cable People TV which we still have today. He established our monthly newsletter The Seed of the South, while at the same time he tackled our most serious problem changing the zoning of the property.


He completed the painstaking arduous process of obtaining a special use permit to build the Masjid in the residential neighborhood where the property is located. On March 1, 1999, all praises are due to Allah by a vote of 12 to zero the Atlanta City Council approved our request for a special use permit to build the Masjid on the property.


In 2000 the Amir then hired our architect Ali Montazri from Iran and our builder Abdul Wahid Mouhidi from Morocco of Casablanca Construction Company. For the next three years under the watchful eye of the Amir, Masjid Ash-Shura came up from the ground. And on January 23, 2003 we received our certificate of occupancy from the City of Atlanta and Masjid Ash-Shura was officially open Allahu Akbar!


                                                                 SALAAM MEMORIAL CEMETERY

The  Amir Muwwakkil did not stop there he wanted to perform another project never done or seen by any Muslim in Atlanta native or immigrant. He wanted to establish an Islamic cemetery inside the city limits of Atlanta. He and his companions went door to door getting support from non Muslims in this effort. He named this cemetery SALAAM MEMORIAL and the same year 2003 Salaam Memorial All Praises due to Allah can to be. We wish to thank the Amir and all of his companions who assisted him. The Amir always says without their help none of these historic projects and dawah (propagation) would have been accomplished.




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